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  • Dror Margalit

A New Guide for Catcallers

A New Guide for Catcallers is a game calling attention to the ridiculousness of the catcalling phenomenon. The game lets participants playfully explore and feel an experience shared by many women in public spaces.

Created by Donnie Smith, Izzy Kostrzewa, Pip Yap, and Dror Margalit

Let's play!

Hello there, fellow Catcaller! I see you are interested in perfecting the art of Catcalling and making as many beautiful women fall in love with you as possible! Well, you're in luck because this is A new Guide for Catcallers! Gone are the days of women loved to be told to smile more, today's women need something more creative to catch their attention! Draw a "Catcall" card, combine it with the "Words" cards, and create your own catcalls. At the end of each round, draw a "Situation" card and experiment with catcalling in different contexts.

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