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  • Dror Margalit


This project is not for you. I know nothing about you, what you care about, or how you prefer to retain information. So how can I write something that will be meaningful to you? And why, from courses learning to courses at top universities, so many learning experiences don’t consider how each individual learner prefers to learn? Context, an AI-powered learning platform, aims to change the way we learn by tailoring every bit of the educational experience to learners' goals, needs, and learning preferences.

The absurd reality of higher education

The problem with one-size-fits-all learning experiences is that they leave many learners behind. These learners might think that they are incapable of learning something, while in truth, a different learning environment will allow them to thrive. But this ideal learning experience is far from being the reality for most learners. With 1.7 trillion student loan debt in the US that takes 20 years to repay on average, it is not surprising that higher education enrollment is dropping by 4.6%-4.9% annually. When seeking accessible education, the lack of support and passive learning experience in online learning make over 90% of learners give up.

But what if there was a learning environment that is tailored to each learner’s goals and needs, allowing them to learn by working on projects they are passionate about while receiving constant support? That is the idea behind Context: to leave no learner behind and allow them to learn things that seem out of reach.

Learn what seems out of reach

Context is an AI-powered learning platform that allows artists and designers to learn creative coding through interactive experiences tailored to their learning goals, needs, and preferences. It ensures effective learning outcomes by using AI to generate the entire educational journey, from learning plans and unique creative exercises to educational content.

When learners join the platform they describe their previous experiences, learning preferences, and goals. Then Context uses AI to generate a suggested learning plan, which the learner can change according to their needs. When the learner is ready to learn, Context generates an interactive learning experience and starts teaching. Each learner works on creative projects they are passionate about while building a unique portfolio. And, the more the learner engages with the platform, the more it learns about them, refining the learning experience further.

The research behind Context

As part of the research behind Context, I interviewed over 60 artists and designers learning to code, tested multiple prototypes with 40 more, piloted a version with a 100-student creative coding class at NYU IMA, and went to events to talk to educators and learners. Through this research, I found these four main insights:

  • Artists and designers learning to code need a lot of support to understand technical concepts.

  • Many expressed they also can't take a lot of time off work.

  • They learn better when working on creative projects they care about.

  • Some learners still struggle to find a job even if they complete online courses.

Informed by these insights: (1) Context never gives up on any learner, providing all the support they need; (2) it tailors every bit of the learning experience to the schedule and learning preferences of each learner; (3) it allows learners to work on projects they are passionate about; (4) it allows learners to develop unique portfolios that will help them differentiate themselves in job search.

Experiment and showcases of Context

When developing Context, I also experimented with different UI and iterated based on user feedback. Most of the feedback in the earlier phases had to do with the lack of visual feedback in the app itself. After multiple iterations, I landed on a design that allows learners to get immediate visual feedback and feedback from AI.

The future of Context

While today's Context focuses on artists and designers learning to code, its vision is much larger. We will create more courses completely taught by AI in multiple subjects. We will also create a learning community where peers can collaborate and offer support to one another.

In a few years, Context will become an AI university where every learner can join, describe who they are, and what their goals are, and Context will generate a learning journey uniquely for them. No learner will be left behind, and every learner could learn what seems out of reach.


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