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  • Dror Margalit

I'm Dror, and this is all of my recent self-portraits

The webiste:

Over the last three years, I have taken dozens of online classes. In some, I was asked to introduce myself. In others, I was asked to make it creatively. For this self-portrait, I collected some of the video introductions I have done over the past three years to create a self-portrait mashup.

The local website:

Uploading it to a remote server:

In addition to the struggle of trying to open a DigitalOcean account, it was challenging for me to find a way to upload and debug the JS sketch to a remote server. At first, I didn't put the files in the correct directory so it didn't work. Then, the videos would not play.

After I realized that Chrome blocks videos from playing without user interaction, I added a button to play all the videos.

Recent Posts

Using facial expressions as inputs open up an opportunity to create all sorts of special interactions. In this project, I used the mouth to give people the voice of Whitney Houston, as they can sing I

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