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  • Dror Margalit

The Computers' Dialogue

Making computers "talk" was highly insightful, as it gave me a better understanding of how a series of zeros and ones can transport information. More importantly, it was inspiring as it unlocked new ways of creative expression for me. P5 interaction is no longer limited to the screen; physical interaction can finally overlap with digital spaces.

While making my Arduino speak to my mac, I faced two main difficulties. The first was making it digital write an LED. For some reason, I couldn't make it work, but I'm sure that with more time, I can figure it out.

The second question is more conceptual. How do I create feedback loops, ensuring that the information I send between the devices is received? I understand that a method called "handshake" can make it work, but I'm still unsure how.

P5 Input

P5 sketch

P5 Output

P5 Sketch

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