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  • Dror Margalit

The Future of Recycling is Not Working

11:40 PM, 12/12/2022

11:42 PM, 12/12/2022

The tray stops moving in the direction it is supposed to.

11:47 PM, 12/12/2022

The OLED screen stops working.

11:52 PM, 12/12/2022

The computer stops recognizing the Arduino.

12:17 AM, 12/13/2022

I find a different Arduino.

12:18 AM, 12/13/2022

It still doesn't work.

12:19 AM, 12/13/2022

I check every line of my logic to see what went wrong.

12:41 AM, 12/13/2022

I find that the problem is that the Arduino doesn't send values to P5.

12:48 AM, 12/13/2022

I realize that the Ardunio doesn't send values at all.

12:52 AM, 12/13/2022

I test Ardunio examples to see whether the Serial Print even works.

12:58 AM, 12/13/2022

The Arduino doesn't print any value in my code.

01:02 AM, 12/13/2022

I delete every line in the code beside "Serial.print".

01:08 AM, 12/13/2022

I add one part of the code back at a time.

01:12 AM, 12/13/2022

I find that the problem occurs when I connect the OLED display.

01:15 AM, 12/13/2022

I delete all the lines that have to do with the display.

01:16 AM, 12/13/2022

It still doesn't work.

Here are some pictures, though:

P5 sketch

Teachable Machine model

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