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  • Dror Margalit

The Life Cycle of Shrlobs

Created by Cindy Wang, Kat Kitay, and Dror Margalit

Here we will explore true facts about the Shrlobs.

After millions of years of evolution, a new kind of mutation has finally allowed blobs and ogres to reproduce, creating one of the most resilient species in the universe. Thanks to their unique metabolism and reproductive systems, Shrlobs can survive and reproduce in extremely diverse environments - as long as there is a swamp around.

When they are born, Shrlobs are mere defenseless white blobs that must be fed immediately. Otherwise, they sink into deep sadness and die. Additionally, when Shrlobs are out of their natural environment, the swamp, they get angry.

Nevertheless, Shrlobs, in ideal conditions (i.e., fed and in the swamp), reproduce in one of the most unique ways ever documented in nature: they evolve into ogres who poop baby Shrlobs out of their ears.

Credit: Cindy Wang

The idea of Shrlobs was born from thinking about what Shreck and Blob would look like. We tried to think of the Darwinian evolutionary process of such a species and explored different ways it can evolve. One of the things that led our ideating process was the physical attributes of Shreck and blobs. We also explored what would happen if we combined Shreck and Donkey to look like Catdog.

Credit: Kat Kitay

Shrlobs will end up existing in an AR world, where they would be fed and reproduce in a swamp.

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