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  • Dror Margalit

Together & Alone

"Together" is not only about being with others but about how it makes the group feel. Thus, this work is not only about togetherness and loneliness but the difference between the feelings of being with others and the feelings of being separated.

Hover the mouse to interact:

Find sketch here

I tried to convey the differences between "together" and "alone" in multiple ways. First, perhaps most noticeable is the connecting lines between the points. As the mouse moves to the left side of the screen, the lines move faster and larger, representing the growing connectivity and exchange of thoughts that comes with "together". As the mouse moves to the "alone" side, the points become static, as if they are immobilized. Second, the stroke size of the lines and points becomes larger as the mouse gets closer to "together". Last, the background transitions from a warm orange to a cold blueish, greyish color.

Making of Together & Alone

Making this sketch required a lot of trial and error, as I was trying to balance the shapes to work together. For example, at first, the arcs' random range was too large, making them exceed the points.

"intensity" variable was too high

Another problem I faced was creating boundaries for the project's interactivity. At first, when the mouseX value was more than the canvas size, the random rage of the arcs became negative, causing them to increase in size.

The mouse was off screen to the "alone" side and it was still running

To solve this, I added an "if-else" statement to the mapping of the "intensity" variable, which limited the intensity.

Find the sketch here

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